The differences between blinds, shades, and shutters. are many times in a person’s life where they either purchase or talk about a product and they don’t really understand exactly what it is.  This is definitely the case for many people when they are purchasing window treatments for their home.  Window treatment is a term that refers to essentially any sort of product that goes on or around a window.  Many people think it refers to cleaning a window or something, but that is incorrect.  Window treatments are products such as blinds, that go around or on the window to give it a particular look.  Window treatments can improve the aesthetic of a home, and can increase the home’s value or get the home off the market quicker.  When it comes to understanding the differences between different kinds of window treatments, many people are lost.  Thus, here is a description of three of the most common types of window treatments, highlighting their differences and what you would need each one for.

The first window treatment is blinds.  Blinds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but the general two types are vertical and horizontal.  A person could probably guess from their name, but when blinds are lowered, their purpose is to block out the sun.  Blinds have several individual slats or pieces of wood that come with them.  They can therefore be raised or lowered all the way.  Typically, the individual slats or pieces of wood are just a few inches across.  Many companies, such as Hunter Douglas, make blinds, and the one that you decide on should be particular to the home and the look that you are going for.

The second window treatment is shades.  Shades are similar to blinds in that they generally perform the same function.  However, window shades do not have individuals slats or pieces of wood like window blinds.  Instead, shades are one piece of material, that can be raised or lowered when a person likes.  For functionality, window shades work better to insulate a home, either in extreme warm or extreme cool temperatures.

The final window treatment is window shutters.  Shutter are similar to blinds, but rather than having each individual slat or piece of wood hanging on its own, there is a metal rod that runs the whole length of the window shutter.  This means that when one window shutter is closed, all the rest have to be as well.  Really, there isn’t much of a difference between window shutters and window shades, other than the aesthetic.

Which window treatment you choose, blinds, shades, or shutters, is really just dependent on the look and feel that you are going for.  However, there are a lot of different options a person can choose from, so it is important to consult a window treatment company and speak with an expert about the kind of look that you are going for.  Professionals will be able to further explain the differences between all kinds of window treatments and they will be able to help you make the best decision.

An App for Medication Tracking Helps to Keep Patients Safe.

app for medication trackingMedical care is one of the most important industries, and it is one that affects everyone, since everyone needs healthcare.  Though it is a very serious field, it is also a complicated one, and there is still a lot that has yet to be learned, regarding medical science.  Because of this, medical research is constantly going on, in order to gain new information, regarding how to keep patients healthy and safe.  One of the biggest ways to keep patients safe is to protect them from the adverse side effects of many medications.  Of course, the only way this is possible is if doctors actually know what those side effects are and why they occur.  Otherwise, they would have no way of predicting them.  The field that is concerned with the process of accumulating this information is called pharmacovigilance.  The field has now grown to include an app for medication tracking, known as MedWatcher.

The way the app works is by allowing patients across the country to register.  Then, if they do take medicine and do have a reaction to it, they can instantaneously report it to medical researchers, who can use the information to help patients in the future.  Because of the far-reaching scale of this program, MedWatcher will be able to help researchers gather tons of invaluable information, that could end up saving lives, one day.  In fact, the inability to gather information quickly and effectively has always been one of the biggest obstacles, in the world of pharmacovigilance.  As you probably know, drug side effects vary, and there is no clear-cut way for determine who is going to react and why.  That being said, if a drug is more heavily studied, there is less of a chance of it producing an unexpected reaction.  This is not to say that there are drugs with no side effects, but it does help to know what causes the very severe ones, as well as who is most at risk for them.  By and large, side effects are fairly mild, and are typically nothing to worry about.  That being said, unless clearly identified as nothing to worry about, you do need to consult your doctor if you ever experience a reaction, of any kind.  It may be nothing, but you should never allow any medical issue to go unreported.

Actual prescription medication is not the only thing that MedWatcher is trying to monitor, though.  In addition to prescription drugs, the app for pharmacovigilance is concerned with monitoring the effects of all medical equipment and vaccines.  After all, vaccines and medical equipment is just as important, in the world of medicine, as drugs are.  Not only that, vaccines are also prone to side effects and complications.  This is not to say vaccines should be avoided.  They can, after all, save your life.  However, it is in the best interest of everyone if doctors are fully aware of the possible effects of every vaccine and piece of medical equipment they use, which is why pharmacovigilance is important.

Here is an explanation of the A330 type rating and how to get one. order for pilots to be able to pilot specific airplanes, they must obtain all types of licenses, type ratings, and certifications.  In order for them to obtain these types of documents, they typically must enroll in flight training and complete courses of varying difficulty and length.  The difficulty and length of the training depends on the type of license or certification they are looking to obtain.  All of this is good for the general consumer, because the latter would like to know that they are safe when they are flying thousands of feet above the Earth’s surface.  There are countless numbers of different licenses, type ratings, and certifications, all allowing pilots to do different things.  One example of a specific type rating is the A330.  Here is an explanation of the A330 type rating and how pilots can obtain one.

A330 simply refers to a type of airplane.  They are also known as airbuses, and they are typically used for commercial purposes, e.g. to transport a large amount of people and their belongings from one location to another.  They have begun to be used more frequently, as they are being used to replace less economical airplanes and other airplanes that do not fly quite as effectively.  Over the last few years, the number of orders of this particular type of aircraft has skyrocketed.  It is expected that this type of airplane will continue to be sold until at least 2020.  Because it is going to be used for many years, and because it is becoming more and more common, it is increasingly necessary for pilots to obtain the correct license to be able to fly it.  Otherwise, they will no longer have jobs.  The license to pilot a particular aircraft is known as a type rating.  Once a specific type rating is acquired by a pilot, they are able to fly all airplanes that are similar to the one they received the type rating for.

Obtaining a type rating for a particular aircraft requires a pilot to attend flight airline training.  This training is typically a long, comprehensive course that trains the pilot on all of the various aspects of piloting that particular airplane.  They are not easy, which is good for the people who plan on flying on one of those airplanes.  If it were easy, everyone would be doing it, and the level of safety that passengers would feel would decrease accordingly.  In order for pilots to even enroll in the course, they must have 500 hours of flight time.  This is standard for most type ratings from companies such as Flight Training International.  After you have enrolled in the course from Flight Training International, you are then required to do 40 hours of work studying at home.  After that studying has been done, then pilots are required to do 40 hours of ground instruction.  Next up are the simulators, which pilots are required to be in for at least 24 hours of training.  After that, they are required to work with someone in the simulators, and then complete 12 more days of training to obtain their A330 type rating.

Flight Training Intl.

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Enroll: 1-303-329-0999

Toll Free: 1-800-233-0050


Your Orthodontist Will Fit You with the Braces That are Right For You

If you have made the decision to get your teeth fixed, you have several options available to you. You can actually wear braces and no one will be the wiser. You can get braces that are clear and some that are nearly invisible. If you choose Invisalign, you are choosing an option that will be almost invisible. Most people won’t even notice that you are wearing braces. If you choose another option which is lingual braces, they are also very discreet as they are clear and they attach in the back of the teeth so are not visible to others. Whichever you decide on with the help or your orthodontist, both braces need to be taken care of.

Braces need special care. You should never eat foods that are very hard or very sticky. You should take special care to make sure that you clean your teeth well. You should use a soft toothbrush and you should brush your teeth after every meal. You should always be careful not to break the brackets. You should floss even though this can be a little harder to do. adult braces Taking care of your braces can save you time. Those who don’t have good oral care can be in the braces longer. You should always use a fluoride toothpaste and a fluoride mouthwash. The use of a water pic can help if you are wearing lingual braces. Good oral care is important and should be kept up even though you are seeing an orthodontist. You should still see your regular doctor and have regular checkups and cleanings. This can save you money in the long run thus preventing cavities and other problems. Sometimes people neglect seeing their regular dentist during the initial time of wearing braces and this can be a big mistake. Catching dental problems in the early stages can save teeth. So whether you are an adult with braces or a teenager wearing braces, or a child, good dental care is still very important.

When you get your braces initially, you will get a starter package which will have all the things that you will need to take care of your braces and your mouth. The orthodontist will give you this starter package and will instruct you on the best way to care of you braces. You will want to listen carefully to his instructions and you will want to follow exactly what he tells you to do. You will be guaranteed that your braces will be taken care of if you take care of them. You will be in your braces in the shortest amount of time possible if you follow good oral hygiene. If you neglect your oral hygiene, you could end up being in your braces for a longer amount of time. Taking good care of your teeth can serve you well. Braces are a wonderful thing for you if you are going to spend the money to fix your teeth, you need to take care of them.

Sex Toys Offer a Lot of Pleasure

When you’re like me, you enjoy personal relationships with people and things. Maybe it’s the child in me, but I believe you can develop a relationship with inanimate objects. When I was just a girl, I’d name everything. All of my dolls had their own names, often times named after people I knew in real life. Those dolls being named after friends, family, and occasionally enemies took on little lives of their own, usually based on how I felt about their human counterparts. Thirty three years later, things haven’t changed much. Only now I’ve taken to naming my sex toys after people I currently associate. Here’s a list of my toys, their names and what about them reminds me of the person they’re named after.


Karen is the least favorite of my vibrators. I find her to be cold (literally because of her stainless, metallic exterior) and rough. There’s rarely a time when I think it’s appropriate to bring Karen in the mix. It usually takes a weird mood where I feel the need to be punished for being a bad girl.


Steve is one of my favorite butterfly devices. Being someone who gets off clitorally, Steve is always there to do things how I want them done. I’d have to say that out of all my adult novelty gifts, Steve is the most frequently used because at the end of the day, you want to come home and be taken cared of. This is what Steve is to me: a caregiver.


Oh Charles, how I long for you in the strangest intervals of my life. Charles is the most bizarre, diverse vibrator I’ve ever owned. From a distance, Charles looks like a NASA funded experiment in time travel (or potentially interdimensional travel). You need to spend a decent amount of time figuring out all the facets of Charles. He’s capable of so many things that I’m still learning about my own body based on innovations that are so far ahead of their time. Charles is also my most time consuming toy, so I usually whip him out during special occasions in which I can dedicate hours to myself.

Katrina & Sabrina

Technically one dildo but rounded at both ends for partner-play, this duo that I like to a pair of twins I know is all about breaking social norms. I am a hetersexual woman by day, but occasionally my adventurous gets the best of me and I need a partner in crime – a female partner, in particular. Katrina & Sabrina are used the rarest out of all of my toys, but often result in private memories that will last forever.

If you’re in the mood to start naming your sex toys, I’d recommend keeping names in the friend zone, especially if you’re in a monogamous relationship. There’s nothing worse than having Charles around when my husband knows that Charles is based after an ex of mine. It’s a mistake I’ll never make again, but since I can’t part with Charles, I’ve given him a meaningless nickname to keep my husband happy. Little does he know that I still call it Charles when I’m alone.

Why choose a pediatric dentist?

We tend to be a society that likes to specialize with as many different things as possible. Some of the time it can feel like we are making a bunch of new things up for no particular reason but other times there is a pretty apparent need for certain things to be specialized. Our health is one of those categories where we like for our doctors to be specialized. We want the people who work on our feet to know everything about feet, the doctors who work with hearts to know everything about hearts and for the dentists who work with our teeth and gums to know everything about teeth and gums. Furthermore we like to even divide these doctors and dentists into further categorization such as pediatric dentists, family dentists or any other number of different kinds of dental professionals. This is where some people find the distinctions less important but for some things I think that this difference is just as important as any.

family dentistLet’s take pediatric dentistry for example, while most of the things that happen with teeth are the same around every age, gender, class, race or any other grouping, kids are the one group that have a number of different things going for them. Yes any dentist can probably clean kids teeth or do any number of routine thing and they will probably still know quite a bit about the dental care and health of the child. If you go to a pediatric dentist on the other hand, they are likely to have a bunch more information on all of the things that are going on in your child’s mouth with the process of their sets of teeth coming in and then losing them them. Pediatric dentists such as the dentists at Southmoor Kids Dentists will be able to help parent have a better idea in regards to what is considered normal with kids dental health and different ways to deal with the difficulties and stresses of kids teething and then losing their teeth. After all, this can be a really difficult time for both kids and parents so it can be quite helpful to have a professional there to help you get through it and figure out all of the tips and tricks to help you both get through the process.

Whether or not you choose to take your child to a pediatric dentist such as Southmoor Kids Dentist is up to you and is maybe something you should either discuss with your current dentist or possibly do a little bit of research over on the website of the American Dental Association so that you know all about both sides of the issue. You can find an immense amount of research and information online, a lot of it published by great dental associations that can help you make the best decision for your family. There are even a few different hotlines that you can call if you do not see the answer to your particular question.

Carpet Cleaning: DIY vs Professionals

Should you always be the one to do the carpet cleaning? When should you hire a professional carpet cleaner? What reasons could you have in order to know what to do? Here are four points to consider before you decide whether to do the rug cleaning on your own or hire someone else to do it.

rug cleaning

getting the best carpet cleaning for your family

1. Cost

The first consideration is a no-brainer. The amount of money that you would have to spend for carpet cleaning is clearly significant. It goes without saying that if you have the resources then you should go ahead and hire the services of a company. Otherwise it would mean sitting down and doing your due diligence. Most people say that price should not be the only consideration and they are right. However, it remains to be a very strong factor in the decision.

2. Stain

The type of stain that your carpet has is another thing you need to consider. There are three general groups of stains when it comes to carpets. First there is what we call as petroleum-based that includes grease or oil. Depending on how you go about cleaning it, this type of stain can be removed around 80% of the time. Organic stains meanwhile like those from pet urine, coffee or even furniture stain has a chance of being removed about 75%. Finally we have what is known as synthetic-based which include those caused by spilled fruit juice or even from candies. Unlike the first two types, synthetic-based stains are more difficult to remove and often removed around half the time. There are also stains that are so hard to remove that your only option would be to actually buy a new one.

3. Size

When talking about size, we refer to two things: size of the carpet or size of the stain. Smaller rugs are generally easier to clean since you can just bring it to an open area and rinse it. It is also easier to dry out. Of course it still depends on what type of stain you need to remove. For larger carpets you are likely better off hiring a professional carpet cleaner than doing it yourself. In terms of size of the stain, smaller ones are relatively easier to remove with less effort. Sometimes all you need to do is just use a paper towel or sponge to remove the stain.

4. Time

The final consideration would be the amount of time needed to clean the carpet. This one is dependent on the type of stain and the size of the carpet or stain. If you have trouble finding the time to do the cleaning yourself, then you are better off hiring the services of a company.

Regardless of what you decide to eventually do make it a point to stick to your decision and face any consequences if there are any. The best advice we can give you however is that if you are unsure of what to do or how to proceed, then it would be best to just get a carpet cleaner. Curtice Chem Dry is one of the reputable carpet cleaning companies in California to tap.


GHP Horwath is an accounting firm that will help your business grow.

GHP Horwath is locally owned accounting firm in Denver, Colorado. They are connected to a larger resource of Crowe Horwath accounting firm that reaches nationally tax audit professionalsand internationally. With the grace of a locally owned business and the resources of a larger one you end up with a combination that is ripe for your organization. They understand what you need to function at your full capacity while honoring your roots that make you the unique and incredible business that you are. 

We all deal with money day in and day out but what are the reasons that having an actual certified public accountant firm on our side benefits our business? There are many reasons why a CPA firm is useful from the start up. They help by being able to offer guidance about what kind of entity you should file for: a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a LLC? They also will make sure you file all of the correct paperwork at all of the correct times so you don’t have to worry about any bills going over due, even those utility bills that are so important to stay on top of. You want to run a business that is credible with a good reputation and good credit. 

Other things that can be incredibly beneficial about an accountant is that they will help you assess which activities will be profitable for your organizations and which ones will not be. It can be hard to have the hind sight to see what opportunities come your way that won’t actually be any good to you and your company. With the good individuals at GHP Horwath you can be sure that their advice will guide you on the path to finding what activities will give you a good name and bring in the big bucks.

If anyone has ever played the game of Monopoly, you can tell there is a lot of strategy around selling and buying property. With the help of a business CPA you will be able to find what the specific benefit of buying or selling your assets are in relationship to your business. This is a considerable benefit.

Let us hope this doesn’t happen to any of us, but if one does have to be audited then having an tax audit professional there with you can make all of the difference. It is certainly very helpful to have the foresight and the support during such a stressful time. The employees at GHP Horwath can help you with that.

Accountants will also be able to help you see the pros of cons of your payroll. Meaning they can show you how your business would benefit by adding a position in this area or letting someone go in another. They can also help you rethink positioning if needed. This can be a tricky thing to consider and having an outside perspective give you advice can be most welcome. 

Finally having an accountant can help you build your business to greater success based on all you have just read. It is a smart investment to consider choosing GHP Horwath as your accounting firm.


Working With A Professional Catering Service Gave Me Practical Knowledge While Studying The Culinary Arts

cateringWhile studying my way through culinary school I worked over the weekends with a local caterer and I ended up learning more with the catering service than I did at school.  Well, I guess I should rephrase that a little:  I learned more practical information with the caterer than I did at school.  Culinary school is still necessary to be a chef, that’s for certain, but they do graze over a lot of real life information.  While working with Still Waters Food Service I learned the value of customer appreciation above all else, and I also saw what it takes to keep up in a professional kitchen.

Still Waters Catering offered so much more to their customers than food service; they immediately showed that they were willing to work with their customers as long as they could work up to their own high standards.  The food preparation is 80% of any kitchen and I got to see the craft in that.  Food preparation with the chefs at Still Waters was an art form.  They showed me how to manage and separate certain foods, always with the health and allergy concerns of the customers in mind.  No corners were ever cut and no lines were crossed.  I would probably eat off of the floor in that place because it was so clean, and that sense of cleanliness has stayed with me since working there.

I also learned how to manage large orders with last minute changes easily.  Although catering menus are predetermined by the chefs and customers there are always changes that will come in at the very end and as a chef you will always be expected to deliver.  Party sizes go up and down and new food allergies will trickle in because someone forgot to tell someone about someone’s Aunt Mildred’s peanut allergy.  Being a professional chef means being ready for anything in the kitchen.

In learning the intricacies of the menu at Still Waters I learned how to artfully prepare many different types of cuisines.  There was an element of school work application that I appreciated, but there was also an element of creativity and experience that I saw in the chefs that you just have to learn over time.  As I watched and listened to them create and prepare new dishes while maintaining some of their classics I learned how to be versatile in the kitchen in addition to being knowledgable.  This also gave rise to experience with professional serving and catering in general.  Just because I’m a chef behind the line it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t know how professional dining service operates.  As a caterer you must know both of those fields very well.

Working with the professionals at Still Waters Food Service was the best choice I could have made while finishing culinary school.  I kept up my studies and focused on my craft in school while learning from quick-thinking chefs in real cooking situations, it was truly the best education I could have received and now I understand just how a catering service should operate.


The whole country has seen a huge increase in the world of THC testing over the last ten years. The topic of THC testing is popping up in all kinds of places and getting the attention of the American public as a whole. Where once, the testing of marijuana was a strictly controlled operation and not legal in many of the states, today marijuana testing centers are big business and can be found all across the country. So why is it that Colorado is leading the way in marijuana testing? What sets Colorado apart from other states in their approach to the up and coming world of marijuana distribution?

First of all, Colorado has been a forerunner in the battle to make cannabis legal in the United States. Colorado is the first state in the union to make the sale and consumption of cannabis 100 percent legal and they continue to fight to gain more rights for the general public when it concerns cannabis. It started in Colorado when cannabis was being noticed by doctors across the country and world, as a possible drug to treat the symptoms of certain illnesses. Along with California and the state of Washington, Colorado was one of the first to take steps to legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal uses. This was a huge step in the right direction for eventually becoming the best in the world of legal cannabis production and testing. During the years of medical marijuana there were many labs set up in the state that began to test how to better grow cannabis, as well as the ways that cannabis can help people. Many of these labs were gaining knowledge and experience with marijuana that scientist in other states were not yet afforded the access to.

It was not long before cannabis was made legal in Colorado and that opened the doors even wider for the cannabis industry to expand and start stepping in the light. Big companies from around the country took not that Colorado was considerably ahead of the game in the field of cannabis science and the funds started to find their way into the bigger testing centers in Colorado. Although Colorado has a relatively small population compared to other states in the country, people on the outside recognized that the market for marijuana distribution was much bigger than just Colorado. There was a whole world market of people who would be looking to purchase legal cannabis and they would be looking to get it in the place that had the reputation as the best location in the United States for growing and developing marijuana.

Thanks to its roll in marijuana’s past, Colorado now enjoys a steadfast place in Marijuana’s future. When a state is as far ahead of the rest of the country in an area such as the case with Colorado in the science of cannabis, it can be hard for the others to catch up. Colorado has however, always been willing to help the rest of the industry find its place and cultivate a future in the legal cannabis industry.